Blueheaven is a project founded with the intention of sharing the beauty of freediving, transmitting knowledge of this discipline through practice, and emphasizing the importance of being conscious about our bodies. We love taking the time to truly experience freediving as a deep relaxation and a meaningful connection between mind and body.

Getting closer to the sea, and to ourselves.

Seeing the special landscapes of underwater Ibiza and getting into its depths, from the surface to the inner world.

“Each dive is a chance to live the present moment, the only one that truly exists”


Sarah Gonzalez founded Blueheaven after a long journey through the sea, many training, formation, and a strong passion for photography.

“Starting my freediving journey on the island of Ibiza, I continued my education and training in the Canary and Caribbean Islands.
After several trips to Dahab in the Red Sea, I completed the instructor course with the international AIDA system, surrounded by beautiful reefs and some of the world's deepest freedivers. During this time, I began my professional career as an instructor at Dahab Freedivers Center, guiding people to dive in the legendary "Blue Hole" and conducting breathing workshops to complement this wonderful sport. Finally, I returned to the island where I grew up and decided to share my passion and knowledge by teaching this challenging discipline”

AIDA Instructor and photographer,

two passions that come together in a beautiful project.


After having spent a long time in the marine environment, in the world of diving and sailing, we decided it was time to relate to the sea in the purest way possible, and to share the incredible feeling of freedom that comes with it - just by diving with our own bodies, descending without any extra equipment, and doing it within our own limits and capabilities.

Being in pure nature.


Our purpose is to communicate the importance of preserving the marine environment, including its flora, fauna, and water, while also emphasizing the significance of respecting an island that offers us much more than we can imagine, and that requires the efforts of all to conserve it.

Mind your surroundings and marine life.

After many years of diving around the coast of the island, we have discovered special and mysterious places such as lost caves, natural pools connected to the sea, large meadows of posidonia, and remnants of old fish farms. Each of these places has a unique light depending on the time of day we choose to visit.

The places where we are going to dive are located along the most natural and verdant coasts of the island - an Ibiza waiting to be discovered.